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AI solutions for automated diagnostics, forecasts and prognostics.

AI for Radiology

We developed AI systems for automated diagnostics of 14 chest conditions including pneumonia, fibrosis, hernia, and pleural effusion with chest X-rays, and breast cancer with mammograms.
We are currently testing and improving the AI solutions.

AI for Infectious Diseases

We have developed AI systems towards malaria, the screening of COVID-19 as well as Tuberculosis related damages from chest X-Rays. We continue to develop AI solutions towards the many infectious diseases plaguing Africa and the world.
We are currently testing and improving the AI solutions.

AI for Biomedical Research

minoHealth AI Labs applies Artificial Intelligence to fields including Biotechnology, Oncology, Regenerative Medicine, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology and Dietetics/Nutrition.


What we have been up to.

United Nations ITU & WHO TG-AI4Radiology
Regulations & Standards
UKRI Funded Digital Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases
Research & Development
AI for Malaria Immunology
AI for Tuberculosis Challenge
Competition & Research
AI4COVID-19 Initiative
Competition & Research
AI for Cancer Research


The story of minoHealth AI Labs so far.

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